Advocate of the truth by Adriaan Bos

‘Advocate of the truth’ is a deeply moving story about friendship, love and compassion. At the same time it is a thrilling novel, showing the intense struggle between good and evil that hits home in today’s society. You cannot avoid reflecting on wisdom from the past and ethics for the future.

Cover of the book Advocate of the truth by Adriaan Bos

Thomas abandons his successful legal practice, seeking a new way of living inspired by the compassion of Francis of Assisi. When his best friend makes him vow to keep a groundbreaking technology away from mankind, he has no clue what awaits him. His life changes beyond control: he is plunged into a web of greed, fake news, aggressive populism and failing political leadership.

Thomas sets out to find the truth against a backdrop of intimidation and deceit. Nothing is what it seems. As he finds signs of a high-level conspiracy, a mysterious and deadly virus sweeps across the earth.

His tense search leads Thomas to the medieval city of Assisi, back alleys and dimly-lit churches in Rome, dark forces in Manhattan and a former French monastery overlooking the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, he has two women vying for his heart: a sensitive violinist who cared for his father in the final days of life, and an intriguing Parisian he meets by chance in Tuscany.

With ‘Advocate of the truth’ Adriaan Bos shows that he masters the art of writing. We compare his debut with the works of Michael Crichton, Joel C. Rosenberg and Joseph Finder, each leading writers in their thriller segments.  Crime Zone

“Wow, talk about a timely novel. This is not only an exciting read… I also enjoyed how philosophical many segments were. We live in complicated times and this book gives the reader a lot to think about.”

“This is a gripping thriller that makes you hold your breath to see what could possibly happen next …          


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Bookpresentation Advocate of the truth at Europarliament in Brussels

On Thursday 12 January 2017 author Adriaan Bos has presented his novel Advocate of the truth to mrs Sophie in ‘t Veld, senior Member of the European Parliament. She is well known for her dedication to protect the privacy of the individual.

Read the press release on the presention of the book to mrs. Sophie in ‘t Veld.

Adriaan Bos has discussed in Brussels privacy issues and Big Data with Sophie in ‘t Veld at the Europarliament.